A community can be many different things. The WGA strives to build alliances within and between communities. The communities we embrace include transgender people, our network of volunteers and the urban areas our groups serve.

Social Events

A relatively new endeavor for the WGA is the sponsorship of social events. Although suppoort groups have been the main focus of the WGA for many years, it may be that they may not be as useful as they were in the past. Support groups need to be well structured, both in how they are conducted as well as how they are scheduled. Social events, however, can be less rigidly structured and more flexibly scheduled. For these and other reasons, the WGA is moving toward finding other ways to bring folks in our community together.

Social Media

A goal of our organization is to do more with social media. Our Facebook group is our best effort so far. We have other plans for the future.

Email List

We occasionally send out a message using our email list to inform members of our community about what the WGA is doing.

Community Engagement

Our volunteers are willing to share their knowledge and experience with other groups. Our capabilities are limited, but we may be able to provide references if we cannot meet your need.